About SuMMo

SuMMo is a handbook delivering the knowledge on best practices and available instruments for sustainable mobility transition in municipalities and their public transport service operators.

SuMMo’s mission

Is to increase awareness and professional knowledge exchange, to finally push out the expensive, energy and environmentally problematic technologies by replacing them with up-to-date new ones practically proved by colleagues from other municipalities, to create open discussion on the practice and models, go from dreaming to doing and encourage trust to the new.

SuMMo’s Geography

Handbook publications will be only in national languages with localized versions for the each country





SuMMo`s publisher

GNerdiX OÜ – an Estonian scientific company known for impacting the early formation of national electric vehicles and charging markets in Poland and Ukraine. Since the numbers of approx. 730 and 580 of EVs respectively (2015), it facilitated the countries on the way to become the region’s leaders with about 20K and 40K of pure BEVs respectively (2022). Completing it’s growth support interventions with it’s EVIM International Development Project and the summits as the company’s CSR initiative, GNerdiX built the initial community and communication infrastructure necessary to boost the scaling. The current focus is on helping municipalities to get 100% fossil fuel independent mobility ecosystems.

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